Thursday, July 14, 2011

Zebra Print Cookies

I made my first attempt at zebra print cookies! I have been meaning to try this for awhile but I've been super busy and haven't had time. 

I started out with this cookie cutter: 

To get the circle in the middle of the cookies I used a biscuit cutter and traced around it using these edible markers {thanks for the markers ZestyBaker}:

I then flooded the cookies with the white icing, as well as, the outside with the red icing. After letting the cookies dry for about 30 minutes I attempted the zebra print. I think zebra print is something that I just have to continue to practice with but it was fun and the cookies were delicious!

What do you think I should try for my next cookie?

Monday, July 11, 2011

Burp Cloths (set 1)


Last week I was asked to make some burp cloths for a friend's sisters... that's right both of her sisters are pregnant! 

I have made burp cloths before but only for boys so I was ecstatic to find out that she wanted both sets for girls. AND what made it even more fun is that she let me pick out the fabric and design of the burp cloths. It was fun to play around with bows and full length cloths. It made me super excited to do more....

Another set of burp cloths will be coming this week, as well as, some cute gift-giving ideas for baby showers!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cake Pops

 About 3 weeks ago Sarah {the Zesty Baker}, Ford, John and I started a bible study. We are using the book Can You Hear Me Now by Tommy Nelson. It's really awesome because it guides you through every question, discussion, and bible verse ... and we are so lucky to have Sarah as our amazing leader. :) We alternate meeting at each others houses each week, and Sarah and I always try to have some kind of goodies prepared. This week my goal was to try cake pops. Surprisingly they were quite simple once I got the hang of coating the outside of the balls. 

These cake balls are chocolate with a vanilla white chocolate outside. The first batch I made were plain white. I shared them with my study abroad group and everyone loved them! The second batch of cake pops I wanted to do a design with. Sarah came over last night and we colored the chocolate and played around with some designs. 

A little extra thanks to Sarah for being my craft photographer! She does an awesome job doesn't she?


I have already started to make a list of different flavors I want to try! 
Red velvet cake with cream cheese 
Funfetti with vanilla
Strawberry with cream cheese
Chocolate chocolate-chip with vanilla   .... (to name a few)

 So I am sure you are like, "Why does she have a picture of a spatula on her blog?" Well, during our first bible study Sarah and Ford shared a "pass the pen" strategy they learned during their marriage counseling which helps with communication. We decided we were each going to get the other couple a pen alternative. Sarah and Ford got John and I a loofa {see theZestyBaker}. John and I decided to get Sarah and Ford a spatula... also known to Ford as a spu-tu-lu. Ford shared a story with us about a time he and his mom were out shopping and he called a spatula a spu-tu-la. We all died laughing when he shared this story so John and I thought it would only be perfect for their gift to be the one-and-only spu-tu-lu. They thought it was great! 

If you aren't in a bible study, I definitely recommend it. We both (the Bakers and the Wards) thought we had great marriages before, but each week we all agree our marriage gets better and better. Not to mention we are able to support each other in the growth of our relationships with God. What an amazing experience it's been so far.. and it's only been 3 weeks!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sweet-n-Salty Treat

John and I love our apartment complex... for the most part... but lately it seems like everything has broken. About three weeks ago it was the knob on our dryer, last week we woke up and the ice maker had broken in our freezer and water was pouring onto our floor, and this week our microwave crashed. Luckily, we have an amazing maintenance crew that typically comes the day you put in a request. In particular, there is one maintenance man that John, Harlow, and I love! Harlow doesn't stay in a crate during the day so whenever he enters he says that Harlow happily greets him and stays by his side. (Maybe it's because he's a frequent visitor these days.. haha). Whatever the case, he is amazing and always gets our problems fixed ASAP... so I wanted to do a little something special for him. I needed something simple and sweet, so when I heard about this little treat I was super excited!

It's the perfect combination of sweet and salty.

Here's what you need:
*You can use any kind of M&M's but I bought the peanut butter to give them the taste of a Reeces Peanutbutter cup. 

Step 1
Set your oven to 275 degrees. Lay out a layer of pretzels on a baking sheet.
Step 2
Place a Hershey's kiss on top of each pretzel.

Step 3
Bake for 3 minutes.

Step 4
Immediately press a M&M into each kiss.

Step 5
Set them in the freezer (or refrigerator) for about 15 minutes or until the chocolate has hardened.

Step 6

Keep them away from your husband, kids, or significant other!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Harlow's Birthday and Beach Trip Cupcakes

This year we spent 4th of July weekend at John's family beach house in Swansboro, NC. I wanted to make something fun and unique to celebrate the holiday, as well as, Harlow's 3rd birthday! Instead of spending a ton of money getting a dog cake from a bakery, I decided to make my own. I originally set out to make a cake but once I finished the batter I realized I didn't have a cake pan small enough to fit the little bit of batter the recipe made, so I had to make cupcakes instead. 

Here is the cupcake recipe:

1 cup white or whole wheat flour 
1 tsp baking soda 
1/4 cup peanut butter 
1/4 cup vegetable oil 
1 cup shredded carrots 
1 tsp vanilla 
1/3 cup honey 
1 egg
Preheat oven to 350°F (180°C)
Mix together flour and baking soda. Add remaining ingredients and mix well. Pour into a cupcake pan and bake for about 20-30 minutes. 

Here is the Cinnamon Frosting recipe:
Combine the following ingredients and blend: 
12 ounces nonfat cream cheese (room temperature) 
3 tsp cinnamon 
1 tsp vanilla 
1 tsp honey

To add some decoration to the cupcakes, I used small dog treats from PetCo. 

 Happy birthday little Harlow!
 As for us humans, I made raspberry lemonade cupcakes and used a beach theme to decorate them! They were super easy and a uniquely delicious cupcake!

Raspberry Lemonade cupcakes:
1 cup frozen Rasberry Lemonade Concentrate, thawed*
1/8 cup water (or milk)
White cake mix
3 egg whites
2 Tbsp vegetable oil
Non-stick spray

Mix all ingredients well. Spray your cupcake pan with the non-stick spray. Bake at 350 degrees for about 25 minutes. 

I used a lemon butter cream icing, but you could use whatever your heart desires!

To decorate the cupcakes I used a fruit roll-up for the towel, teddy grahams for the bears, and umbrella toothpicks for the umbrella! Glue the teddy bears with just a dab of icing and it's ready to eat!