Saturday, April 23, 2011

5 + 5 = A COOKIE!

My mom says that when I was younger I would use any excuse possible to make and decorate a cake. Although I still love cakes, I found a new love for cookies in college, probably because they are easier and less time consuming than cakes. I love cookies, probably more than any person should love cookies. As a matter of fact, I make chocolate chip cookies almost every single night after dinner. After having a friend introduce me to a blog (Sweetsugarbelle) I decided I would try my hand at combining decorating and cookies. 

The school I work at was having a {math} night to celebrate math and share math games with families at our school. Each teacher was asked to bring a dessert so I thought, what a perfect opportunity for me to decorate some cookies. Unfortunately, I was unable to go to the math night but I was told they were a huge hit! Not so bad for my first attempt at cookie decorating. 

Here are a few of the cookies:

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  1. Next time we hang out, can you please ice me some chocolate chip cookies like I see in this pic? :)