Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

I can't believe it's already Easter! Time is flying by too fast. This was John and I's first married Easter. We celebrated it with his family down at their beach house in Swansboro, NC. I always tend to bring something sweet down to the beach so I made some "chicks" and brought down ingredients to make baked brie. I posted a picture of the cookies below but I forgot to take a picture of the brie. I think we were all too hungry to wait. :) Yummy! Yummy!

I have 2 more orders coming up this week! (1) I am making Spring cookies for our final showcase Tuesday for one of my graduate classes AND (2) I am making monogrammed engagement ring and wedding dress cookies for a friend who is throwing a bridal shower! I am super excited about these and I promise to post pictures as soon as I get them done.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter!!

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