Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bittersweet Goodbyes

Friday was a bittersweet day for us at school -- a vital member of our office staff, Angela, had her last day. Although we are all excited that she will be starting her job as the lead secretary at another school, no one wanted her to leave. My assistant principal asked me to do something a little special for Angela so I decided to try to make a cookie bouquet.

I got the idea from a cookie bouquet my parents and John's parents sent to me on my first day of teaching. Since it was my first time ever doing a project like this and my husband put me on a "dollar a day" budget (haha) because he says I spend too much money,  I had to be quite creative. I got the sticks (rods) from the craft section at Walmart.

The vase was originally a plastic cookie cutter container. I cut the top and the handles off the sides and covered it in wrapping paper. The bow inspiration came from my friend, Sarah {the Zesty Baker}. She made these bows with the girls she babysits. I highly recommend them because they are extremely easy, cute, and cheap! Here are the directions I used: recycled bows

I filled the inside of the container with rice.

Then I rearranged the sticks and.....

Next time I think I will make larger cookies but I am still very happy with the final project! I'm looking forward to me next one... maybe a baby shower centerpiece or father's day gift. After all, my sweet tooth comes honestly, dad! :)

Good luck Angela! You will be missed at school but I know we will keep in touch!
I am so very happy that God has blessed you with this opportunity. :)

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