Monday, May 9, 2011

Polka Dots

This is my first week of no graduate school (woo hoo), so my best friend, Sarah, and I decided to start up our weekly date nights again. We went out for Kanki (Japanese) and then did a little shopping. I had been asking her to make me some of these SUPER CUTE magnets for my whiteboard at school (see the Zesty Baker to get yours!) and she has been wanting some monogrammed cookies, so we decided it would be the perfect night to exchange orders!

 ** Flooding tip **

 When flooding cookies I use Wilton bottles (shown below).  I always cut the tips a little more to help the icing flow better. I got mine at Michaels but I have also seen them at walmart, as well as, online (amazon). They are super cheap!

 To get the polka dot look I start by flooding  my cookie like normal. (See below).
Then I immediately take the other color (white) and squirt small droplets into the icing. At first it was hard to get the dots the same size but it started to get easier after a little practice.  :) After letting the icing dry for a couple of hours, I used black royal icing to pipe on the monogram. 

Hope they are tasty, Sarah!


  1. They are SO delicious! I wouldn't expect anything less though!! :) Ford tasted some too and thought they were great!!!