Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nurses Appreciation Week

Last week was Nurses Appreciation Week, and although we should always be appreciative and thank our nurses for what they do, this is the time to go above and beyond to show our appreciation. My sister-in-law is a PA here in Raleigh, NC and loves her nurses. She always comes up with the cutest ideas for little gifts for her nurses throughout the holidays. This year during nurses appreciation week she asked me to make some cookies for her office. I felt so honored! 

Baking these cookies was so much fun but also a little challenging. Most of the time when I bake I have cookie cutters to help me shape the cookies, but not this time. I searched everywhere for cookie cutters that were doctor/nurse related and I had no luck. Therefore, I had to shape the cookies myself. I did use a round cookie cutter to help with some of the circles, but just used a regular butter knife to shape the rest of the cookies.

I think someone needs to open up a cookie cutter store here in Raleigh!!!! OR if you know of a place that has a variety of cookie cutters please let me know!!

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