Saturday, June 25, 2011

It's Wedding Season!

I was asked by a Ward family friend to make 3 dozen wedding inspired cookies for a shower she was throwing. The bride's colors were off-white, dark pink, and gold. I couldn't figure out a way to make gold (other than gold glitter, which I didn't have) but I found a delicious little way to make off-white.... lemon juice! It was actually quite coincidental because I was doing it more for the flavoring but what a wonderful surprise. The cookies were fun to make, especially the wedding cake ones because I had yet to use the new wedding cake cookie cutter that Krista bought me a couple of months ago! A special thank you goes out to Sarah Baker {theZestyBaker} for coming over to help cut out the cookies and help man the oven!

 Here is a mix of the cookies: 

A few of the wedding cakes:

Wedding Dresses:

Wedding Rings:

This week my goal is to figure out a way to make Harlow 
a dog cake for her birthday (July 2nd)! 
I'll share the results if I find anything simple and cute!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE all the designs you put on the cookies! My favorite has to be the wedding cake with the swirls. TOO cute. And, you know I'll cut cookies and set the timer on the oven anytime... especially if it means I get to try one at the end :)

  2. Ashley these are too cute! Sarah said they taste so good. Love them you did a great job.